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SwaroopBappanad (240)

Hey guys! I spent a day (most of it when I was supposed to be doing schoolwork lol) making this, and I put a LOT of effort into it. Normally, I would fine tune it to make it look good and stuff, but I'm honestly dead at this point.

It's basically you vs an AI that knows your every move. I tried to make it as original as possible, but I also thought I should add a bit of originality into it. It has no point system, but again, it's hard to criticize a dead man.

Bottom line, it's trash. I really don't care anymore, but I know that this is the best of my ability, so give me a break. I'm not Sundar Pichai or @Coder100. If on the rare occasion that you do enjoy it, please upvote! I poured a lot of time and effort into this, and I would really appreciate it.

P.S. Press the up arrow to move up, and the down arrow to move down.

1. Me, obviously
2. Coder100, for the 'w' and 'a' functionality ideas, plus the idea of a score system
3. ridark, for the idea of showing your score when you lose
4. GeditEdger, for the idea of pressing 'r' to restart
5. Everybody else, who gave so much support for this project. Merry Christmas!

MikeJMS8910 (234)

wow the ball really doesn't like to follow physics

DarkTheif (4)

My totally real score not fake AT ALL!!

ColinEdwardEdwa (1)

I just hit 1000 points and I think I broke it, the score isn't going up anymore.

ColinEdwardEdwa (1)

I havent beat the bot, but this is as close as you can get

ColinEdwardEdwa (1)

I've got mine into a infinite loop, so I have infinite points

TheJamCoder (11)

@SwaroopBappanad- When I press r it doesn't reset you might fix that error


I am the inevitable -

SwaroopBappanad (240)

@daksheshdorala oH mY gOd yOuR aN aBsOlUtE bEaSt

DarkswordsmanJG (43)

You should make the ball go faster every score of 10. Cool game though


Nice Game! My highest score was 6 lol

EliasTheGreat (45)

it's really cool but there is no sensor on the wall on the A.I's side (no need since it's unbeatable but...)

RayvelArjoon (88)

This is well made. It just needs a tuneup on the physics. The ball doesn't bounce using proper arcade physics. It sometimes bounces in the opposite direction that it should. The angle of impact should be equal to the angle that it leaves at. The center angle should then add to 180. This isn't true for 95% of the bounces.

SwaroopBappanad (240)

@RayvelArjoon It's pretty hard, but I'm studying up on physics and trig to get more accurate physics next time!


i like very much this program


i am asking you only have you beat this i tried 110000 time but i got till 50 only


but good you have made very very good

SwaroopBappanad (240)

@HEMLANU It was designed to be hard!

mrhappyma (0) I WIN

mrhappyma (0)

you didn't even make a "you win" screen lol

codingduck (9)

good job for defending yourself! i don't like the people who are mean because they are sad on the inside :( i love it! 5/5 stars

PyCoder01 (58)

@codingduck bruh. The reason I don't like this is that it only follows the y coordinates of the ball and there are no details + It shouldn't take him a day and finally WHY DID YOU SPEND YOUR WHOLE SHCOOL DAY ON THIS SwaroopBappanad !!! YOU SKIPPED SCHOOL!

Kookiez (406)

@PyCoder01 maybe they have online school

freashavacado (0)

I have 50 and im still going up (I found the perfect spot because the ball goes in the same place every time)

SwaroopBappanad (240)

@freashavacado lol a lot of ppl have that issue

GeditEdger (5)

If you combine your project with my JavaScript Canvas Design project, it will look better. Here is an example:
You can change background color, panel color in css file. You can change description and title in index.html file.

GeditEdger (5)

@GeditEdger If you want to combine, you must get html in here: then you must add your setup function this:

var canvas = createCanvas(500, 500); canvas.parent('canvashere');

instead of createCanvas(500, 500);
and then clear your html file and paste my html file. Must have happened after doing this. After do that you can change Description, title, background color in html and css files.

GeumjuKim (19)

someone make a battle of bots - (one pong bot on one side, one on the other. That would be something satisfying to watch.)

DevBone (0)

This is sorta sus because the ball ALWAYS goes down.

SwaroopBappanad (240)

@DevBone Not always, the thing just glitches out sometimes.

MahdiKouroughli (1)

My power is too strong.
h e l p m e

MahdiKouroughli (1)

@SwaroopBappanad just change how much points you get per block or change what the starting score is.

abhaymenil (0)

Can someone check this out?
It's an actual Chat-Server-Cloud.

RandomNoob1 (9)

Wow, people really are getting competitive with this game. There are scores of 300 while I'm here with a score of 10.

Potterhead43200 (0)

I just realized, to get a high score, all you have to is follow the bot's paddle up and down wherever it goes.