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PIXELATE: A cool text alternative to images


This program converts an uploaded image into a cool text alternative. Text is able to be copied and pasted, which allows you to put your ASCII image anywhere, or just save it in a text file. On the homepage, there is two buttons. The first one is to upload the image (obviously), and the second one is to set the Maximum size of the text image. For example, setting the max value to "200" means that the outcome will be of lesser quality then of the max value being "500". Although, images do come out in pretty high quality, so if you want to appriciate the text part of it, you might want to use a lower value like 80 or 90. You can see an example file in the "Example" folder. It has the original image, and the converted text file (To view the text file you might want to paste it into Google Docs and set the font size to 1).

If you find any bugs or errors, please comment below.


EDIT: The "max" is not the amount of characters or the amount of pixels.

UPDATE: I have now added a + and - button that allows you to zoom in and out on your text image.


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