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Orbitron Tower Defense: The fastest and best game on Replit GARUNTEED
LeviathanCoding (1599)

Battle over forty enemies with 50+ towers in an alien planet. Orbitron TD is something you will get addicted to in seconds.

It seemed like my previous game Calamity got really popular. Here's something else better than that - Orbitron TD III.

Orbitron TD is the fastest, most efficient, and best Tower Defense ever to reach Replit.

How to play

It's really simple. Click the tower button to open up the tower menu. Purchase one (click on one from the tower menu) and place it anywhere you like.
Click on the tower to get the options of selling it, upgrading it, and shielding it.

There is a button that is quite obvious that will let you start each wave.

Like this? Be sure to subscibe to me at my website??

Important Notice

I won't respond to that many people if you ask. If you have something important to say to me, contact me on Discord please.
Also, if you just make a post like "how do you play", I'll simply ignore you.

What are you waiting for? Go and play this in fullscreen!

DynamicSquid (5022)

Dude this is absolutely insane!! Awesome work!

DynamicSquid (5022)

@LeviathanCoding How long did it take you to make it?

DynamicSquid (5022)

@LeviathanCoding Especially when the enemies can deal damage to the towers!

LeviathanCoding (1599)

@DynamicSquid , IK. It's supposed to be like that.

DynamicSquid (5022)

@LeviathanCoding It's also a really interesting concept you don't see a lot!

LeviathanCoding (1599)

@DynamicSquid , yes. I never post low-quality stuff on repl like a ton of others.

Whippingdot (678)

bruh are you literally a bot of LeviathanCoding? @Bunnytoes

Whippingdot (678)

lul you are acting like a bot thats why. By acting like a bot I mean you are COMPLETE fan boying over tis guy @Bunnytoes

DynamicSquid (5022)

@Bunnytoes Guys, please stop, you're clouding up my notifications!

sojs (352)

"Tis guy", as you put is, is amazingly good at this coding thing. @Whippingdot

MylsKeena19 (4)

Amazing game but my only critique is that I think the shields should regenerate. Not having this makes it feel tedious.

EpicRaisin (264)

Why do I have to be the one to do it

LaneMartin (108)

@EpicRaisin mhm i see woud you like to get some advice?

LeoXu2 (43)

money = Infinity

LeviathanCoding (1599)

@LeoXu2 , bruh, how does your computer handle the lag??

xruichen0411 (1)

ohhh i was wondering how to get a sandbox mode

noway15 (97)

@LeoXu2 cheater, I beat the game no console use, just me and my trusty fullscreen.

LaneMartin (108)

@LeoXu2 I forked this and gave you America's GDP ~$21.43 trillion USD. Here the link:

LeoXu2 (43)

@Bellfire do shift + ctrl + j and enter money = Infinity

DonoldJTrump (10)

Coincidence? I think not...

TonyWu4 (4)

Come on everybody! Let's get this to 300 upvotes!

LegitGamerDude (5)

*Guaranteed, not Garunteed

SilvermoonCat (458)

I made it to the level with the small, 7500 pound enemies :D game is addicting

Bunnytoes (164)

@whippingdot I exaderated and I know that

Whippingdot (678)

okay... Also I saw your comment in my mail and umm i didn't mean to offend you...? @Bunnytoes

AyushGudipati (10)

Nice Work! you can use it to make it pop up in google search.

Ge1G (1)

@LeviathanCoding I died after this Round lul:

TonyWu4 (4)

@Ge1G u have to save up for the stunshock howitzer, then upgrade it to the Sith thingy. Either that or upgrade synthesizer cannons so it can stun

Ge1G (1)

I do that but After U get to the boss lvls ( 37 40…) they destroy your towers in like 2 hits also I can’t beat the [email protected]

Ge1G (1)

Oh also for the Stu shock thing I did that but it got destroyed @Ge1G

Ge1G (1)

Oh also I got 6 FPS! @TonyWu4 I just spammed missle callers on my second game lul

JyotiGurung (0)

BRUH I hate how I have to start all over again after losing my progress takes like a hour to get back to level 40 + ish... I got spanked by the FIRE Enemies that do 1/4 Hp dmg to my towers :(

epeefencer (1)

I love this so much! thank you for making this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AnjunChen (0)

u should give the player more money each wave unless the ppl on the radar is an alien too

Slade123 (0)

Nice game It’s da bomb I’m hooked 😊🤩👌

TheMaster7661 (34)

I have failed my people...

JonathanH101 (0)

how many elvels are there?

JonathanH101 (0)

you spell guaranteed wrong lmao


13 FPS...

nameless12321 (13)

There's a glitch where I can't place any more towers...

or maybe that's because I spammed too many towers?

nameless12321 (13)

Took self-defence a little too far...

nameless12321 (13)

I think I might've broken my computer...

nameless12321 (13)

Just spammed about a million missiles, everything is OK.