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Online Music Player

The Online Music Player is a user-friendly web application which uses the YouTube API and was styled with Materialize framework. The app’s advantage lies in its convenience. If available, song lyrics are displayed, as are the comments related to the song's meaning as well as the cover image of the album. It delivers ad-free content which can further be organised into playlists. I found inspiration for song recommendation in the mini template on the contest page.

You can switch between found search results by clicking on next/previous buttons. To reload the currently displayed song, you can just click on the song’s name. By clicking on artist’s name, you are redirected to that artist’s Wikipedia page. To go through songs in playlist you should first start the playlist in the playlist menu. Playlist starts from currently selected song in it, if you were not listening to something from playlist, then it starts from top. You should very quickly figure out all other functionalities, if not I am happy to answer any questions.

This was not a group project.

Updates: Added history of played songs (top left corner). More responsive and mobile-friendly design. Pre-setting the volume of a specific song in playlist. Option of repeating a specific song once, while still in playlist (playlist keeps going after one repetition). Song search in playlist, such that songs start playing while still typing. Added an interactive carousel for searched songs' album covers. Option of downloading playlists as .json files and importing them back again (bottom right corner) - no more tiring song searching every time the app is restarted, just load them in.


This is cool. It looks like it's creating an iFrame with the YouTube video, and then hiding it? I suppose you could use to listen to anything without ads :P


@Skalwol Yeah I did set the height and width of iframe to 0. Well, YouTube has a rule that there are no ads on thrird party web sites. Really glad you like it, building it was an ordeal (not a web site guy).


@GrinInTheBin It's great! I like the design too. I think it has a lot of uses, not just for music :)


i dont know if you cant tell me how to fix this. IF you cant its ok But if you can thankyou.




I would find feedback and ideas very useful.


@GrinInTheBin I was just wondering what's so novel about this that you're discrediting others


@ShadowCypher Did not mean to insult or anything, sorry about the tone, it's just your description that left the impression of being very far from modest. Again, sorry about that.


@GrinInTheBin Still not true imo... I didn't take credit for anything I didn't do. The only reason I explained the music features thing is so that way people can understand how my suggestions are generated.