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Online Multiplayer Tanks
wg4568 (33)

So I made this using a Node.JS WebSocket server and HTML5 canvas. It used v3 of my "Elemental Engine" for the front end, which the latest (4.0) can be found here (

The server is very minimal, and it is very easy to cheat. Fun side project would be to make a "hacked client" in a forked repl.

You also might want to play it here, in fullscreen because the embedded player is very small.

Also, you can find the server here (

UPDATE: bullets will now bounce once on collision with a wall

spybrave (341)

It is too good!!!! ....Plzz increase the speed and if we could also play against AI tanks it would be just great................

amasad (3353)

I like how the server is a seperate repl!

FunDuels (0)

Very cool! By the way there's a bug when you are next to a wall and shoot at it.

CSharpIsGud (924)

Im gonna fork this and make my own client where i die every time

CSharpIsGud (924)

Kind of like roblox's filtering disabled lol

FerdinandBlase (0)

i like it but maybe u could try to make tanks that u can fight against or sth like that

vedprad1 (906)

For some reason, when it loads, all I can do is use a cannon, and once i fire it, the screen goes blank.

vedprad1 (906)

@vedprad1 never mind, it works now.

wg4568 (33)

@vedprad1 Yeah, that happens when the server is restarting / offline.

timmy_i_chen (1151)

I love this! Are you open to feature requests? What's next on your roadmap?

wg4568 (33)

@timmy_i_chen Thanks! I threw this together in like 3 hours so the code is complete spaghetti, but sure - I'll take requests. As for my personal roadmap, making it not a buggy mess