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One of my first self-coded CSS Sites!
vys (15)

Sup. I run own and develop a CS:GO Cheat known as "Nexium". I usually would pay someone to make a website for me, but a few months ago I decided to try to learn css. I already knew html, so it wasn't really too difficult of a challenge, but I knew it wouldn't be easy. This was the result! I hope you enjoy! If you have any feedback (what to change, etc...), please feel free to let me know in the comments!

You can find the finished result, here, and my most recent project, here!

TimothyRowell (72)

WOW you did VERY good.

TimothyRowell (72)

@vys Np, i have inv you to a repl join and we can shat chat there about a BIG not rly project :D