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Omni Bot
cloud9c (122)


Omni is a multi-functional bot made in python

Rundown of features:

CategoriesCommands (34)
Utility:ping, choose, flip, roll, color, wikipedia, timer
Config:noswears, no-u, dad-mode, one-sec, info, info-edit
Moderation:clear, prefix, kick, ban
Math:calc, plot, python
Fun:say, 8ball, roshambo, pun, xkcd, gif, oatmeal, urban, howcool, trivia
Currency:work, balance, gamble, share

API abilities

Omni can search for queries on:

  • Urban Dictionary
  • Wikipedia
  • Giphy

Customizable and unique information page


Omni also allows users with the correct permissions to change configs such as:

  • prefix
  • auto responses (no u, dad-mode, one sec)
  • swear filter (on/off)

Easier moderation

With this bot, moderators can quickly kick, ban and clear messages

(Hopefully) fun games

  • rock paper scissors (roshambo)
  • trivia
  • currency (role-play)
    All scores/wins are kept for users, independent on which server you're on.

Other cool abilities

  • plotting a graph
  • giving puns and webcomics
  • ability to evaluate python code
  • calculate anything (no variables pls)
  • a timer for you busy people
  • very advanced help page

Default prefix: "."

1andonlyaether (19)

It just keeps saying im sorry i couldn't understand that
please help

NicolasLeps2003 (0)

I'm actually translating it in French.

cloud9c (122)

@NicolasLeps2003 make sure to give MLA format citation


@cloud9c dude how do u add a bot to discord

davidcchesterpa (0)

This is cool, vote for it