Instant Painter

Hello there

This is a small instant painter that I coded when I had extra time.
Use the number keys to add a pixel of your chosen colour, delete pixels using the backspace as well as enter to create a new line.

P.S Comment down your pixel art below!

A journey of a thousand lines begin with a single line

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Omg this is awesome. mat1 was the person I looked up to. But now, @LoneAce , you are my FAVORITE coder, and I'm your number 1 fan!!!


@DJWang Do note that I learnt from @mat1 as I have replied to @Mendelevium earlier. Thanks for the support though :)

P.S Hold up just realised you are the guy whose project was on #1 Hot (The Dark Dark Forest). Wow!


@LoneAce :) Thx! It was a fun game to make