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Ok so... detect spam... AS AN API
Codemonkey51 (1048)

so recently I posted my project that tried to detect if a user spammed I had some requests and I wanted to so here it is: AN API.
It uses water.css for front end bc I'm lazy :) and it gives some instructions on how to use it. You send get requests and it will return a string you want /api/rating/{{user}} if you want to see the text I give or /api/number/{{user}} for the straight up number (higher = more likely) this can be used for custom ratings and scales.
Also I may make it require a key or have a part that requires a key, have fun with the api :)

One last thing I didn't say this in my first post but this does not look at comments (1. Repltalk module is broken, 2. I was lazy :-)) it only looks at post titles cycles and when your account was created ENJOY :)

P.S. I a user does not exist /api/number/{{user}} will return nothing (a new line)

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