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OhayouTeam Join!
Ohayou (1)

I know this kinda isn't supposed to be in 'share' but,
•I have created a team!(Basic xD)

•if you want to join comment down!
(max 10 people cuz of Basic plan xD)

•making a website in HTML, JS, CSS!

•btw. more info is on the website down.


TheRealTrump (1)

I'M JOINING! btw. how to join?

Ohayou (1)

@TheRealTrump Really cool that you're joining, I sent you an Invite! :D


Hello, I am interested in joining. I would like to learn the programs mentioned, and I am willing to work to learn them. I am also ery good at planning and coming up with good ideas.

Ohayou (1)

@TheDboi141 Cool! I sent you an Invite :D

Wilke000 (626)

I can do python!! Please Let me join.