D & D Simulation

Game that I am making, still working on it, please give suggestions.
It is a bit slow, I beg forgiveness

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Oh yeah, I've been meaning to say this, you should allow the user more options for what to type, so like everything that you can think of that the user might say when they mean one thing, like for example attack. (Haven't tested with this specific part, but just an example), they should be able to type "Attack" or "attack" or "Fight" or "fight" or any number of ways that you can think of of saying said thing, and all the ways you could type them, ofcourse being reasonable. I'm not asking you to account for every possible combination of capital or lowercase with the letters, just the beginning of words. Or if there's an apostrophe, possibly allowing the user to type it with or without the apostrophe. It's time consuming, but in the end it will be worth it.