Weather App (iOS)
RohilPatel (1595)

I made a weather app

For those who don't know, yes, I do know swift. There is nothing to do with it unless you add view controllers. I basically wanted to share the project I made when I started swift, and obviously this shows errors, but it won't if you setup the view controllers and connect to the outlets. It is really cool.

and no, I don't live in California. Anyways, yeah, if you know what ur doing, import this code into Xcode and you should be fine! have fun people

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DynamicSquid (5024)

Oh that's cool! Quick question, with XCode, how easy is it to publish something?

NoelB33 (352)

To publish something on the App Store you need a dev license (100 dollars/month) @DynamicSquid

RohilPatel (1595)

@NoelB33 @DynamicSquid at least you can access iOS 14 developer beta 1. I might get the plan

AnybodyElse (1)

It's $99 per year, not per month. Its probably a typo but it may put someone off learning to [email protected]

DynamicSquid (5024)

@AnybodyElse still too poor to afford it lol. and besides ios apps aren't really my thing. I was just curious

RohilPatel (1595)

@AnybodyElse when u put it in perspective, it's only 8 dollars a month, or like less than 20 cents a day @DynamicSquid