Amazon coding interview question - challenge for everyone
rafrafraf (1389)

what is the challenge?

  • make a program that takes a list of positions in (x, y) format.
  • it should then return the K closest positions to (0, 0).
  • you can use any list of positions and any k you like.

i have two solutions, the first is simpler but less efficient than the second.

if you finish it and want to challenge yourself further, try make it as time efficient as you can.


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rafrafraf (1389)

@ObiVibKenobi hey, i just checked it out and is some pretty neat code! Although i think you misunderstood the question slightly, i think i worded it badly in the post, the k value is for returning that many closest positions, so if k was 3 then it would return the 3 closest positions to (0,0) hope that clears things up abit my bad for the bad explanation in the post lmao

Oh and id recomend trying to work on paper first and try simplify the problem as much as possible, so what i did was realise that if you sum the absolute values for the x and y then that would be a relative distance, therefore you do not Have to get the hypotenuse but theres of course nothing wrong with the way you did it!