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OVERLOAD- the lag machine that lasts.

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So basically, this node.js project i came up with lags most of anything with a "for (condition) { " loop that uses two sets of intervals, one at 100ms and one at 1000ms. You may be thinking, Why 100ms and 1000ms? The loop utilizes the MAX_SAFE_INTEGER property in javascript, which is like 2 to the 53rd power minus 1

That's a huge number.

And it doesn't take a computer to count down from 9 quadrillion 100ms, so what it does, is it repeats the countdown, adding a "generation" every 100ms. This means that it wouldn't only take DECADES to stop, but it never ends! If it does end, and i=0, it says "HAPPY NEW YEAR".

Also, you could just paste this in the average browser console, and lag out anything, really.

Mostly, have fun.

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