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ChezTacoz (341)


This program will shut down your computer! You have been warned!!!


ChezTacoz (341)

To everyone who told me I shouldn't have put this program on

I'm sorry for being new to coding and trying out something new that I thought would be cool. For future reference I will not try out new things on

@CSharpIsGud @sugarfi @RohilPatel @nt998302

CSharpIsGud (922)

@ChezTacoz Noone criticized being new, people criticize print(1) print(2) print(3) which gets old the 10th time you see it

RohilPatel (1535)

It's not something you should feel guilty about, however, since most of us took it as a joke, it's fine. Keep devving @ChezTacoz

sugarfi (625)

@ChezTacoz that wasn't at all what we meant. trying new things is what is for. however, as @CSharpIsGud said, people criticize stuff that they have seem lots of times before.

AphixDev (217)

@ChezTacoz We didn't mean it that way... I was just messing. My bad! Keep rolling thru, you'll be great someday :)

DynamicSquid (4624)

This doesn't do anything

firefish (914)

@DynamicSquid It's an os.system("shutdown /s /t 10") which is windows specific... and it's running in an ubuntu container. If you managed to fix it for linux the worst that could happen is that you'd shutdown the container. That's it. You could of course delete the repl in which case the container will be deleted. It's simple.

KobeFF (1260)

This just keeps on counting down from 10, and I sneaked a peek at the code. It has a forever loop that just basically says 'are you sure you would like to proceed?'. Very effective if you are trying to annoy someone, lol

ChezTacoz (341)

@KobeFF this program will shut down your computer if you put it into python and run it

KobeFF (1260)

@ChezTacoz Then why didn't you do that? lol. BTW, I'm on Mac, so... :|

ChezTacoz (341)

@KobeFF it doesn't work on

jameshoward3 (2)

@ChezTacoz if users would regularly shutdown runner's that would be bad would'nt it?

Jakman (450)

bruh. Anyway i can make it actually shut the computer down if u want. Has to be in a local IDE tho. Not

ZacPlayz (64)

bruh it just loops... XD

AmazingMech2418 (1039)

You are mixing Windows Batch and Linux Bash... clear is Bash (cls in Batch) and shutdown /s /t 10 is Batch (shutdown -h now (well, somewhat. That immediately shuts down...) in Bash). However, does not have shutdown by default installed.

ChezCoder (1588)

your username kills me

Bookie0 (5976)

I love how it just repeats and asks you several times if you are really sure!

And to those scared of it actually shutting the computer down, it doesn’t.

lolOOF (7)

i have just realized windows batch command...

AJDevelopment (137)

it just loops
the code clearly shows that it does not shut down anything

CSharpIsGud (922)

@AnthonyValdes os.system("shutdown /s /t 10") it does, its just a very easy string of print's and then a shell command to shutdown(which is windows specific), I wish things like this would stop being put on repl talk

sugarfi (625)

@CSharpIsGud yeah. doesn't even use windows; if you're going to publish an "exploit", at least know what os you're exploiting...

CSharpIsGud (922)

@sugarfi Linux used to have a buffer overflow exploit that could escalate you from a normal user to root, but im sure its patched now as its very old

AphixDev (217)

@CSharpIsGud Same, It's sooo annoying.

sugarfi (625)

@CSharpIsGud what exploit do you mean? dirtycow? or something else?

CSharpIsGud (922)

@sugarfi not sure what it was named or if it even was, it was in a youtube video I watched a long long time ago

AJDevelopment (137)

@AnthonyValdes i wasnt expecting this, i didnt see the command, it was similar to the print commands

Wilke000 (626)

Realy? I thought you were smart!?



TheForArkLD (763)



It doesn't do anything

CSharpIsGud (922)

@CTALENT shutdown /s /t 10 only works on windows systems, runs linux

ChezTacoz (341)

@Codemonkey51 did you let it shut down your computer or did you cancel?

Codemonkey51 (1047)

I tested in repl and the program restarted lol @ChezTacoz

ChezTacoz (341)

@Codemonkey51 it's supposed to shut down your computer

Codemonkey51 (1047)

Ye that's y I didn't download it @ChezTacoz