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Number Logic Game
CodingElf66 (321)

In this game, you try to guess the number!

The computer will ask you to guess a number. Remember, the computer's number is not repeated, so the computer's number can't be 6577, etc..

If a number in your number is in the correct position of the computer's number, then it will return A. If a number in your number is not in the correct position, but in the number, then it will return B.

Test your knowledge and your logic, by playing this game!

CodingElf66 (321)

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CodingElf66 (321)

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CodingElf66 (321)

Of course you can fork it, if you are interested and want to improve on your logic.

CodingElf66 (321)

This game is pretty fun! Got this idea from Google.