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NrmAE2 | Game with Kaboom
TereDeJugo (6)

This is my game for the kaboom jam (doubtful)

I have always been interested in video game development, and I thought it would be a good idea to try kaboom, among several things, you can make a minimally fun game in a short time, in my case, 1 day.

The biggest problems I have had has been in terms of collisions, I have uploaded it to newgrounds, I invite you to try it on

I think Kaboom is a good prototyping engine, but the more you get out of it, the more problems you will run into, I've also been wanting to implement the newgrounds api, but I'll do it when the game goes out of "trial"

I'll leave you the code with the game below, I hope you like it, remember to check it later in newgrounds to be able to use the scoreboards, have a good day.

ch1ck3n (2340)

woah nice

the words on the ship is unacceptable though

TereDeJugo (6)




ch1ck3n (2340)


look "s i m p" up without the spaces

RayhanADev (2594)

Yeahhhhh the Kaboom Jam is over my dude, sorry :(

RayhanADev (2594)

@TereDeJugo lol

Pro Tip: localStorage is sometimes restricted (i.e. the Replit window sometimes) so you might wanna implement something like this:

var storage = (function () {
	var uid = new Date;
	var storage;
	var result;
	try {
		(storage = window.localStorage).setItem(uid, uid);
		result = storage.getItem(uid) == uid;
		return result && storage;
	} catch (exception) { }
	storage = function () { console.log('localStorage Disabled.') };
	storage.getItem = function () { console.log('localStorage Disabled.') };
	storage.setItem = function () { console.log('localStorage Disabled.') };
	return storage;

and then use storage in place of localStorage. That way the game plays in Spotlight pages and stuff!

TereDeJugo (6)


Thank you very much, although I would not know how to do it, I would have to edit the code of the lib