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Now Announcing The First Online bible Quizzing site

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I have been working on this for a few months and it is almost done the online quizzing part doesn't quite work but you can still use the study tools. the quizzing style follows the Nazarene style rules but quizzers from any type of quizzing are encouraged to use the study tools the scripture text is Hebrews+ 1-2 Peter in the NIV version.

The online quizzing

the online quizzing currently doesn't work but i am working on making live quiz tournaments online but for a start there will only be Open Head to Head Matches where the players will be divided onto each team by rating . because online u cant really jump off a seat to jump and some other things like that the rules are slightly different from what are stated here but other than the jumping rules few rules change

quiz masters

yes because this is quizzing we have to have quiz masters for now anyone can potentially quiz master but in the future that may change any quiz master found violating the quiz master rules will not be allowed to quiz master any more

if anyone has any questions plz email
[email protected]

Thanks, KoalaknightMI
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