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Note Taker (Pog)
JWZ6 (644)

The Super Pog Note Taker!


  • Auto Save Text
  • Soothing Colors
  • Nice Fonts
  • Just Cool
I may add some more features


Edit: I will make this better

Edit 2: The Gradient Object Challenge is still on! Whoever makes the best gradient object will get a pog award, given by @ch1ck3n!

JWZ6 (644)

@ch1ck3n can u invite me to pog awards repl?

IMayBeMe (455)

Nice use of local storage, maybe use a database to save multiple notes.

JWZ6 (644)

@IMayBeMe hmmmmmmm im confused a bit but still thx

can u help me with markdown btw im uh tryna do wat u did

IMayBeMe (455)

@JWZ6 as for the markdown, I’m not that experienced in js so I can’t help much. My recommendation is to use a library like I did with mine a while back or to actually make a parser which is difficult but truly makes it original. I would recommend parsing now that I have learned it but a library works just fine.

JWZ6 (644)

@IMayBeMe i saw ur python editor, im trying to apply markdown use the method