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Note App/paint but guess what you can save/share them!
potatojs (847)

the note App

hello and welcome every one in my note App!
where you can:

  • write notes and save them so no one can see them
  • add a drawing with your note using a simple mini paint program
  • and finally you can post them so any one can see them!(with your drawings of course)

node js

this is my first node js project sooo enjoy!
and for the smart guy that well say :(use it's better in this kind of project)
i learned node 4 days ago sooo

and to consider my hard work, i want from you one thing..


k9chelsea2 (769)

it fine, it really is epicc I need to learn node myself lol

potatojs (847)

actually it's vry simple XD
i thing anyone can learn it (i started learning it 4 days ago lol)@k9chelsea2

k9chelsea2 (769)

oh cool, well after I learn C++ I know what to learn next