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Whippingdot (570)

Small Intro

So, umm this is a discussion post. The repl has nothing in it nothing BELIEVE ME and so you don't need to view it I will probs delete it after sharing. Please read further even though it is a discussion post. I promise I will do my best to make it fun (it is actually)!


So, guys, ummm...O h y e a h I remember what I wanted to talk about. It was ummmm OH nostalgia. So, I joined replit 4 months ago (ya yoit i don't know the exact date) and exactly one month after @RayhanADev (sry for ping).


This post will have a lot of pings for inactive people


So, I was cleaning up my outlook folders (yes, I use outlook and yes, I have a LOT of e-mails) and deleting everything, even things I didn't know if they were important, when I came upon the folder for notifications. I was going to delete everything there too as I thought I could just use the notifications on to see old ones when I scrolled down and found the oldest ones.


I realized that you could find notifs easier in outlook, so I decided not to delete anything, HOOORAAY!!

End Of Sidetrack

Sorry, that was a sidetrack, anyway I meant to say I checked out the first notif ever, and it was from @pepelaugh when he had 19 notifs. The post was an old post, and it is now deleted for a reason i don't know. We both talked for two comments before I created a post on asking if we have to input our school in the school box and what were the numbers next to everyone's name (cycles). Me and @techde had a long convo in that post with him explaining everything and then me and him saying stuff we shouldn't have said (I deleted everything HA!) and all o tat.


Now, continuation, me and @fuzzyastrocat had a talk on his AMAZING POST and one of the FIRST GAMES i have seen on repl talk: Askew! This game, I might say, is my favorite game ever on repl talk so far. fuzzyastrocat even made more updates on a new post but sadly he stopped working on it after that. I don't know what happened to him, but I hope he comes back to repl talk after this post or in a few days/weeks. He was really a treat having in our community!



I think i have been talking a little LOT too much about me and so here is the discussion part. i was thinking in the comments if you can maybe you guys can talk about your first comment/post/game you have seen. I want to hear about YOU guys and so i made this post. Also I want to say upvote if you like the idea of the post but I will get 3 million tons of hate then so do whatever you want!


Please mods don't take this post down even though this is not really a share from me but a share from EVERYONE ELSE! Maybe move this post to a different section (though I don't think any other section will work) but just don't take it down if you can. Thanks!


X24 (28)

This account is quite old.

For a few years, I have been surveying quite a few posts. That was until I posted my first post on this thing.

Whippingdot (570)

lul if it is too old than you can't really see ur notifs unless you wanna spend an hour looking for them 🤣 I feel sorry for you. Well when did you first post BTW? @X24