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Noob Simulator (Survival Mode!!!) v1.0
ThisUserTaken (243)

For now, it's kind of similar to @CodingCactus's cactus simulator, but I will make some changes soon so it's different.
Also, thanks to @Bookie0 for the suggestions! ^-^
If you think something should be changed or added, please tell me!

How to play: You must invest in 3 resources for the noob base to survive. It's your only hope of conquering the interstellar universe. However, if you run out of even just one, the base will fall apart and all your dreams with it. Survive 20 days in order to beat the game. Noobs can help you get more resources so it's good to generate some of them too. Now, you also have to get coins in order to invest in resources!

Feedback is appreciated, very very appreciated.
Edit: Coins were added!
Edit: Survival Mode was added!

ThisUserTaken (243)

Win this game for me losers!
- Some Noob

Bookie0 (6262)

nice, a suggestion

when you ask for what the user want's to do, you should put a new line or something and > to indicate the user has to do something.

and for the slowprint, instead of making 3 of them for different colors, here's my tutorial here to do one slowprint with the colors you want.

Good luck! :)

ThisUserTaken (243)

@Bookie0 kewl. thx for the suggestions! it's gonna really help!

ThisUserTaken (243)

@Bookie0 oh yeah. your right. putting >>> makes it looks way better and like an indicater

Alikeyghobadi (0)

Who uses roblox images now in 2020

foke (1)

@ThisUserTaken dangggg fast reply im a noob at java still tryna learn haha :) have a good one!

ThisUserTaken (243)

@foke good luck at Javascript! I started learning HTML!

foke (1)

thanks man good luck to you too. i find html somewhat easy but i used to script in that around 4 years ago ive forgotten eveyrthing its just that i dont make any websites and such @ThisUserTaken

foke (1)

how do you learn? youtube tutorials or...? @ThisUserTaken

ThisUserTaken (243)

@foke oh. i learnt from books, but i also look at some youtube videos. theres a really good python book for beginners and intermediates like me! i'll put the free online read link in a sec:

foke (1)

thanks mate hope you dont ip grab me haha just kidding thanks :)@ThisUserTaken