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Noir Night - A murder mystery game.
lilykhan (861)


It's 2:30 am when you arrive at the Smith Mansion. Elizabeth, Bill and Doctor Owl are standing around the bed with the dead body of Mr Smith. Your partner who arrived early on the scene gives you a rundown of the suspects: Elizabeth the wife of the deceased, Bill his butler and Doctor Owl their family doctor for the last 3 months.

Autopsy report says Smith was choked to death. However, the only person next to the body when it was found was Elizabeth, who lay there crying.

Bill recalls Mr Smith calling the doctor over as he suffered from severe chest pain. But Doctor Owl's car arrived at the mansion half an hour earlier than the body was discovered.

With only this information to start with, figure out who's responsible for the murder of Mr Smith in 2 minutes!

What it does

An interactive, voice-powered murder mystery that uses Google's Dialogflow to react to user questions.


We are open for feedbacks- please mention @kachow123 (Kartik) for any backend issue and for site issues you can ask me! (´ ∀ ` *)

Challenges we ran into -

Getting the Chrome Speech Recognition API to work and streaming audio to server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of -

Finishing the hack completely in time, creating a unique mini mystery together and - testing it among people!

What we learned -

We learnt how to work with Chrome Speech API and used DialogFlow successfully for the first time!

What's next for Noir Night -

Increase accessibility and make it also available as a Google Action!

Note- Currently only supports Chrome Browser

(the backend might be down right now because of Google cloud platform credits being charged for it)

Github repo

IntellectualGuy (823)

How does this exactly work?

lilykhan (861)

@IntellectualGuy click play and ask questions :)

DynamicSquid (4918)

Note- Currently only supports Chrome Browser


But I tried it on Chrome, and it's pretty cool! Well done to you and your team!

JKE010 (23)

I couldn't enter questions for some reason, so I just waited until the time was up and guessed. I got it right ;)
Aside from that, great program!

lilykhan (861)

@JKE010 it can be coz backend might be down. as I have mentioned! and tq :)

JKE010 (23)

oh yeah lol, I didn't see that.
yw :D

Baconman321 (1097)

Nice! Rather not use mic right now...
Ahh, yes CSS
I just made a snowman out of CSS purely (using ::before and ::after pseudo-classes or whatever u call 'em)!

lilykhan (861)

@Baconman321 ayyee cool i have made something like that last year! :D

Baconman321 (1097)

@lilykhan Yeah, it's not that hard, although I didn't make a top hat or a scarf (or eyes or other decorations)...

frissyn (368)

I can only hope to get this good at CSS T~T, great job!

lilykhan (861)

@IreTheKID Tq Ire (o´∀`o) and u can get good at css if u want but u r already so cool with backend stuff ;-; will u leave something for ppl like me or u want to know everything? lol ;-;

frissyn (368)

@lilykhan Doesn't matter how good I am at the backend if the website looks like trash! (T~T ) I'll probably make a Flask tutorial at some point though...

If you're interested I made a Flask app template if you wanna get started with Python backend: Bottle - IreTheKID

lilykhan (861)

@IreTheKID ohh cool i also have to learn py for school stuff :P and if u want help for site u can ask me :) and sure u can learn css let me know if u need any help! :yay:

Kookiez (400)

cool the frontend's great and the backend is as well :)

lilykhan (861)

@Kookiez ayeeee tq\(^▽^)/

TsunamiOrSumth (545)

posted something on replit talk after ages... feels like just drink water after so many days :thonking:
idk how to put it in words but u got it right

This is super cool!

lilykhan (861)

@TsunamiOrSumth omg no discord chats here! :ahhhh: me dumdum ;-;

TsunamiOrSumth (545)

@lilykhan all discord chats aside, this is really cool and should blow up any minute now

lilykhan (861)

@TsunamiOrSumth yay!!!! tq (〃^▽^〃)

CyberHacker101 (128)

Sorry for the ping. Do you know any moderators?
If you do can you give me their username, I need one of them .Ty! @lilykhan

firegamer2543 (2)

cool game i love it but only if it had more levels
but fun overall

lilykhan (861)

@firegamer2543 yay!!! happy to hear that! :)

k9chelsea2 (736)

cool, really liked the styling

lilykhan (861)

@k9chelsea2 awww cow tq u r so cute :hug: <3