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Leprechaun Hunt 🍀 [Text Adventure Game]
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Leprechaun Hunt is a text adventure or interactive fiction game where you explore rooms and collect tools/other stuff to ultimately find the leprechaun!

How to Play

'n' to go north, 's' to go south, 'e' to go east, 'w' to go west
'use' to use something, 'take' to take something (you don't need to add anything after that)
'help' to view instructions, 'hint' for a hint
There are more detailed instructions in the repl, and don't skip if this is your first time playing interactive fiction!

Other Stuff

skip this if you just want to play
If you have errors/bugs/feedback feel free to tell me. Also, if you guys have better names for the rooms please add suggestions because I can't come up with good names :(
It may be helpful to draw a map of the rooms when playing.

🍀 Happy (early) Saint Patrick's Day! 🍀

Good luck!

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