What An Ideal Post Should Look Like
Kopamed (195)

What an ideal project should look like

No, I am not talking about this post but the key things mentioned in my program

How to use

The program is pretty self-explanatory


I have tried my best to remove all spelling errors but if you find one, please feel free to add a suggestion or add a comment.

The code towards the end might be a bit messy and I am currently making it prettier.

Anyway, enjoy, and if you are making a post, feel free to comeback to this one and view the recommended aspects, or check out the recommended posts in the
"Examples of an ideal project"

I know I have probably missed something important and that is why I made the suggestions section so add the suggestion there
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firefish (950)

@NoelBryan I know... i created an account a few minutes ago from that very tutorial - I got the idea form there