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That's right, Nodenet.

I think a lot of us know what Dotnet is. But if you don't, go here to learn more.

Dotnet does a lot of cool and good things for C#, but of course nothing for Node, which I think is just as good of a programming language, so, I decided to make Dotnet, for Node... Nodenet!

(Which makes no sense because Dotnet = '.NET' which makes sense, but Nodenet = 'NODENET' makes NO sense)

Nodenet is currently in beta and has a lot of glitches, quirks, and explotations, which I hope is to be fixed soon.

But, Nodenet can make:


It currently has 3 templates, that are the most used for people who want to develop nodejs projects! It has:

  • Console projects
  • NPM projects
  • Test extension for both of them! (But it can be used for a new template)


It uses Jest and ChitChatjs to test your files!

There was a major glitch with Jest, so Nodenet has limited jest to only testing one file instead of all files in your project. But ChitChat is working good!

Installation of packages!

Nodenet uses npm to install packages, which can be used in your projects! Since Nodenet uses npm to install the packages, you can install any package in the npm registery!

Running package.json scripts

Nodenet again uses npm to run package.json scripts for your npm project. So you can run packge.json scripts without leaving Nodenet!

Tip: Make sure to force colors when running a Node script in your package.json so Nodenet can see them!


To install Nodenet, please do the following in the start point of your terminal(where it opens you when you first open it):

npm i -g @darkdarcool30/nodenet

Then you can exacute:


From anywhere! If for some reason it doesn't work, try putting npx as the first command.


Nodenet is very much a work in progress and I hope you enjoy it, even though it has make glitches and quirks, it still can help you with Node projects, and at the very least I hope you try it. Thanks!


PS: Make sure to read the Usage MD in the open source GitHub repo that can be found here!

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You should put the source into the repl.
I got excited for a second thinking this was going to be some kind of CLR VM.

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Well, the source is really dirty, but I did reference the GitHub repo in the post

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