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Nitro Generator
DheeranFX (7)

Hey there! this is a code which generate as many codes you like!!

aryanpandya (12)

This is actually just a edited version of the anonix, you didn't make it.

DheeranFX (7)

@aryanpandya woops sorry i forgot to give credit and btw me and my friend use this account so sorry

blvuxe (0)

nice but can you make it stop if it makes a valid code its still running but i think i saw 2 in there lol

DheeranFX (7)

@blvuxe There is a way if a valid code is there
thanks for using it my man


but explain how u do that

Th3OneAndOnly (7)

They generate a random code using letters and numbers then add it to a file (for some reason) then print it out.