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Encoder/Decoder Package For Scratch Cloud Variables

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Scratch Text-To-Numbers (TTN)

This is how you use Scratch TTN.


Type this in your Python program:

import scratch_text_to_nums ttn = scratch_text_to_nums

Then go to the "packages" tab, search scratch-text-to-nums, make sure the author is joecooldoo, and click the + Icon.

How To Use Encoding

To encode a string, simply use this code: ttn.encode('example'). Replace example with your own text.

Note: You can ONLY use lowercase letters and numbers.

How To Use Decoding

To decode a string, use ttn.decode('example'), and replace example with your own text.

Again, You can ONLY use lowercase letters and numbers.


To decode encoded items in Scratch, export this project, load it in Scratch, and backpack the custom block definitions. Then go to the project that you want the blocks to be in, open your backpack, and drag-n-drop the two custom block definitions to your project.

Report bugs to me! -Joecooldoo on Github!

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