Covid Site | Code JAM #9
blackcarter (19)


I did this with @ImMatt

This is my first time entering in a Code Jam, so sorry if it's not perfect. I actually got sick with COVID (really) during this week. So I was out of the game for 5 days unfortunately.

I created a site that shows information about covid in an easy to read and digest format. It's all clientside and webpacked so it's faster.

I had a lot of fun learning about React/Babel/REST APIs/JS since I barely used those in the front end. (I use node like it's python) So I had fun exploring with those.

Some things I would improve on is:

-I wanted to add an interface like 'Cleanse API'
-Adapt for mobile screens better. I didn't consider it until it was too late. My site works "mostly", but not the way I want to on mobile.

Anyways, I had fun and learned a lot, thank you team for this opportunity.

Update Mar 25

I won't change the code in the repl because that would be cheating, however it seems like the API that I use to grab the numbers on the graph are breaking. The broken dates are 3/9 on italy and the 24th of china. If you hover over those dates it will produce an error and wipe the page.

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AlephZero (348)

Nice website! It's really beautiful, great job!

blackcarter (19)

@AlephZero Thank you so much! I learned a lot about