My portfolio (complete with a full-scale error reporter) - 500 CYCLES PROJECT (HUGE)
Baconman321 (1060)


Wow, this took a LOOONG time to make.

What is this? It's my portfolio!

I used google fonts instead of the default web-font. I also made the layout so you scroll down to read the tutorial.

Includes interactivity (You can run HTML code!)

Works offline and downloadable as a PWA (and it's phone-friendly)!

It even gets my profile picture and bio!

Made with golang including a site-visit count and a full-scale error reporter (that even stores the errors when offline. It stores it then the next time you get online it sends the data).
Thanks to repl for hosting my wonderful projects. Hope you guys like this because it took a lot of effort to make!

How it works:

It uses an intersection observer to detect when the user is scrolling to a particular part of the page and then starts writing the info.

The error reporter sends data to via collecting errors with window.onerror and sends them back to the service worker where it is stored in a LOG file.

If you are offline it the service worker sends it back to the client to keep. Once you get back online it requests the data and sends it.

I've ran some google audits on it and because of that I worked on performance and got it to load fairly fast.

Why use Golang?

I wanted to get a low TTFB, and I had to use a server because I was going to store site visits and make an error-reporter.

Because of GoLang's speed I was able to get my TTFB to an average of 60-70 milliseconds (wow)!

How did you get those cool scroll animations?

I used the AOS library.

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JBloves27 (1725)

Nice job! I love the scroll animation!

Baconman321 (1060)

@JBYT27 The only thing I hate is that I put at least weeks of hard work into my projects and here are people who take maybe 40 minutes and get on trending. It's all about the timing, and I guess what you name it. I don't criticize their work, I just wish people would pay attention to others who put a lot of elbow-grease into their programs.

JBloves27 (1725)

LOL, yeah, thats what is kinda sad about replit, its really only about fame :(. Yeah, i agree with you... maybe we should make a post and repl thing to encourage people to do that more? @Baconman321

Baconman321 (1060)

@JBYT27 Yeah! Time to break out my psychology skillz and let's make a motivational repl!

JBloves27 (1725)

:D yep! gl on it! Invite me if you want more support! @Baconman321

Baconman321 (1060)

@JBYT27 It was ur idea...
I might do it later.

I just think we ought to have a single page saying why you should do that, and then a "I promise" button and we can record the number of promises made!

Oh, and some music.

Hmm, where would we get some moosic...?

And ofc I'm inviting u it's ur idea :D

JBloves27 (1725)

ahahaha, ok. Thats a lot of good ideas :D yay! @Baconman321

AlexSilyaev (2)

@JBYT27 to solve that problem instead of looking to hot stuff go look in recent repls and support them and they will hopefully rise to the hot list

Baconman321 (1060)

@AlexSilyaev Yeah that's what I hope happens more often.

Problem is that it automatically redirects to the "top posts". I think it should be user preference.

JBloves27 (1725)

oh, it redirects me to hot @Baconman321

Baconman321 (1060)

@JBYT27 LOL yep. You would have to click "new" instead.

AlexSilyaev (2)

@JBYT27 yea sadly it pops up to hot automatically because they "earned" it to get there

JBloves27 (1725)

congrats on 500 cycles! xd @Baconman321

Baconman321 (1060)

@JBYT27 Yooo am I no longer newb now :O

AlexSilyaev (2)

@Baconman321 i am a newcomer so i don't know many repl stuff so what is a cycle?

Baconman321 (1060)

@AlexSilyaev You earn it when you answer a question (5 cycles) or have a post upvoted. They are basically stackoverflow's reputation.

AlexSilyaev (2)

@Baconman321 ok so it is basically repl points? right?

Baconman321 (1060)

@AlexSilyaev Rep points. Yes.

Useless... Stupid... coveted wayyy to much... rep points

AlexSilyaev (2)

@Baconman321 wants competition i guess?

Baconman321 (1060)

@AlexSilyaev Eh, maybe. I wouldn't know tho.

JBloves27 (1725)

lol @Baconman321

Yooo am I no longer newb now :O

zhaq6129 (50)

@Baconman321 does that count for me? mine was kinda low effort and isnt on trending but might be. but i mean i just started learning python so ye

Baconman321 (1060)

@zhaq6129 Effort is relative. If you worked hard on it then it should be on trending. I mean, this isn't the hardest I worked on something. My Stargaze project took over a month to make, had about 3k lines of code and it only got 25 upvotes (which is still good I guess).

JacobMcPherson1 (195)

@Baconman321 I've gotten 2 very bad, effortless things on trending and I think it's very bad that stuff like that gets trending while actual projects are sometimes never even seen

Baconman321 (1060)

@JacobMcPherson1 Yeah, sadly. Also, effort is relative. If you spent a lot of time learning on how to do things, I'd say it is a very effort-filled project!