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New Story Text Simulator - LIFE INDIFFERENT - PART 1!
sushri (11)

Hello Coders!


If you want to collab with me in Part 2 of this, please comment down below.

I am so excited to share one of the Text Story Simulator I was working on! This is based on almost really any middleschooler's moving troubles you could imagine.

Thanks to Github, for the colors' codes and functioning. and also, a lot of "Brother Simulators" helped me create this!

I really hope you enjoy, and have fun!

BearCoder01 (8)

I can help. With part two.

20101PHS (0)

a frogs first stage is egg

sushri (11)

True. But it could also be the last stage if its a female frog right? I'll change it. Thanks for letting me know! :)@20101PHS

Coder100 (18057)

but what are points?

sushri (11)

@Coder100 Hi! Points are basically like a calculation of the good choices you make. For example, in the beginning you have a choice to sit with a girl- if you don't do it, you'll not be open to making friends so that reduces your points. But of course, I respect everyone's opinions and tried to make the impact of points on this game very small. Have fun!

Coder100 (18057)

I like the colors!