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New Programming Language Idea(CUA)
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Yes. I, and my friend @ImmaEatYouMan , are making a new programming language.

Our programming language is called CUA.

CUA is going to be a language lower level than lua, but higher level than we decided CUA would be a good name.

What is the point
In the end, we want CUA to be not only just as fast as C, but be easy to use as a language that combines the low level compatibility of the 2 langauges.

CUA- Lua and C combined to make an incredibly fast language, that not only supports ideals from C and Lua, but turn it into it's own language and it's own syntax!

CREDITS GO TO @ImmaEatYouMan for this idea on the language! As well as even having the idea to do it!

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lua has a runtime faster than c I think but still a cool idea