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New JS framework! Paddleball.js

What is Paddleball.JS

PB is a simple JS framework inspired by React. I made it because I don’t like React, because Facebook made it. I don’t want FB sending my websites’ cookies to Facebook. So I made PB. It has 2 features: JSX and PbDOM.render().

There is a widget below which shows an example app.

Where’s the CLI

It’s in another package, create-paddleball-app. It’s not a complete toolchain; the only thing it does is creating PB apps. Use it like this:

The widget itself is using the CLI.

Host your app by forking this or using the CLI on your local machine.


PB is an interesting project, and has it’s own CLI. It should be worked more on as well as be noticed.


Do not use this without forking.