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Myztiq (14)

Hello this is a game i made recently i guess i should give it a cool name. its not much and is pretty common but i had a weirdly hard time getting the delay to work. Anyway its a basic number memory game in C#.

Version 2.1
-Added an extra "negative" mode that the points are worth double but is slightly harder.
-Added more code and working on streamlining

Version 2.0
-Added an extra "hard mode" that increases everything.(when puting your score into the chat for examination type normal or hard before it so we know wether you did it in normal or hard mode)
-Hard mode points are worth 15 now and it gets harder much faster.
-Fixed a bug i found.

Version 1.3
-The higher score you get the more time it gives you, tell me if it gives you to much!

Version 1.2
-Added a scoring system
-Erased the old progression system and added a new one

Version 1.1
-Added the code entirely so it exists now
-Added that every time you get a question right it adds 500 more possible random numbers.
-Working on streamlining code and making it easy to read

press run at the top of the repl to run it. Follow the in game instructions and try to go for a while! When you get a question right it bumps the difficulty up.

If you like the game (its pretty mediocre so you probably wont) then give it an upvote!

Post your highest score in the comments ill try to update as soon as possible!
(disclaimer: im new to coding so sorry if my code is hard to read and sucks)

[email protected] 29
[email protected] 27
[email protected] 11
[email protected] 11

[email protected] 30

[email protected] 6

REMEMBER TO GIVE FEEDBACK it is highly appreciated and gives me something to do

SilvermoonCat (430)

nice one of my numbers were 12346 :\

Myztiq (14)

@SilvermoonCat yea they will go up to how far repl will allow they get larger and larger also the time that it gives you goes up

Myztiq (14)

@JacobMcPherson1 i finsihed implimanting the harder levels like you asked. if you have any other ideas feel free to tell me

Myztiq (14)

Version 2.1 is out check the change log for more info

Myztiq (14)

Everybody say a cool name for this game (cause it needs one) and i guess ill pick (or maybe popular vote).

Myztiq (14)

Version 2.0 is out i guess check the new changes! alot has been added. (now when putting scores in the chat tell us if they are hard mode or normal so everything can get right.)

Brendan23 (139)

I got 7.😭😭😭

Myztiq (14)

@Brendan23 i didnt get much better than that dont beat yourself up lol

ShravanBhagat (0)

@ShravanBhagat I got 22 on the next try yay

Myztiq (14)

scoreing system added and made it get progressively harder tell me if it gets too hard too fast!

JacobMcPherson1 (196)

cool, but you should find a way to make it progressively harder or add difficulty levels

Myztiq (14)

@JacobMcPherson1 it does get progressivley harder just its not very noticeable i could bump up the harderness per right question(edit ill work on the rn also its not working cause im trying to add a score system rn)

Myztiq (14)

@JacobMcPherson1 might take slightly longer we have some diffucultys and im takeing a break