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SharkyInLove (9)

This is a nitro type bot it is undetectable and is safe it works sometime if the bot fails try again in 10 minutes

NathanielBranch (0)

this does not work, no one on here can make a working bot and if they can then add me on nitro type and ill buy u gold nb8713 is my name.

EthanRoy5 (0)

LOL THIS IS WORKING (at least i think it is)

DurbanLegacy (5)

it might take your info

SharkyInLove (9)

@DurbanLegacy hey wdym by it takes info? Did it take your account?

DurbanLegacy (5)

@SharkyInLove d by ehajnfneidnwmd c a idk it got 5 accounts banned

SharkyInLove (9)

@DurbanLegacy why would you say do I know u?

SharkyInLove (9)

@DurbanLegacy what’s your I remember everyone?