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{NEWSPAPER} Will Among Us Makeover be Deleted?
AndrewMarkarian (19)


Hey coders! I've got some news for you! Take a look at the headlines.

Among Us Makeover Soon to be Deleted, Find out why.

Among Us Makeover was my first game. The thing about it was what language it was programmed on. When I first started coding, I used Python Turtle, now I don't want my bio to say I use Python Turtle. So I am deleting it and moving it on to the game below. (Among Us Randomizer)

Will the Code be Touched, or Copy and Pasted?

Well, I'm, not going to touch the drawing, but a little bit of it to make it fit into the Among Us Randomizer.

When is this going to happen?

Probably on next Monday, (March 29, 2021) near 3 or 4 PM.

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AndrewMarkarian (19)

It isn't, are you asking why it isn't going to be?

rrrrobb (1)

it dose not work

AndrewMarkarian (19)

@rrrrobb This WAS just another repl, the real link is By the way, it was canceled in one of my recent posts.