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MyViewCounts! A Custom View Counter for Markdown

Hello fellow Replers, for how long have you wanted one of these on your posts?:

Whether it is an old interest reawakened, or something you never knew you wanted, I present to you:


Custom View Counters for Markdown

With MyViewCounts you can embed a view counter into your posts in a quick and easy setup, and just one line:[YourViewCounter].svg

This is the easiest (and most elegant) way to set up you view counter. To start, go to the site:


Then choose between a simple counter, or a more personalized one in the advanced settings. Preview allows you to see what your counter will look like, and more stylization settings may be arriving in the future!

After you have set up your view counter, you can embed it into a post with the link provided and then voila! A beautiful view counter in a quick and dirt simple setup.

To delete your counter, you can navigate to:[yourcountername]&password=[yourcounterpassword]

and then using a password that is hashed and encrypted, be the only one able to delete your counter. No overwrites, only you can use your counter!

There even is this nice 404 counter for broken links!

So why don't you try it! Make a view counter and add them to your posts, or even share your view counter below in the comments! Have fun :D


Helpful for my Github Profile ;)


Custom View Counters!!!