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(My) idea for a (new) programming language! With syntax highlighting!
CodingRedpanda (179)

This is my new idea for a programming language, plus it has syntax highlighting so you can read what certain things do. So now enjoy! Oh, and the link to the [repl] website I got the syntax highlighting from is in the comments! :)

Still, it's only syntax highlighting/RegEx.

Thanks to @airsoftco

DynamicSquid (4631)

If you change the title to "syntax highlighting" or similar, then this would actually be pretty cool

theangryepicbanana (1694)

you should change the title of the post to "My new idea for a programming language!" or something like that because syntax alone does not run a programming language

CodingRedpanda (179)

Well how do i edit the title (im kinda a noob at that stuff) @theangryepicbanana

CodingRedpanda (179)

Ok, there, the title is changed :) @DynamicSquid

CodingRedpanda (179)

Anyone who wants the link for syntax highlighting it's here: It will probably bring up an embed version of the webpage, but for it to acually work you'll need to open it in the web. With the open in new tab button

CodingRedpanda (179)

Everything that is within the "<" and ">" is a syntax command even ASCII and Unicode characters. < rand null + = = if then , output red input ' >

Edit: After looking at this comment I decided that you should just look at the docs here

CodeLongAndPros (1590)

Be ready for some people saying :


You should make docs

CodingRedpanda (179)

Do you mean like syntax docs that show what things do and versions and stuff? @CodeLongAndPros

CodeLongAndPros (1590)

How to program in it, that stuff.

CodingRedpanda (179)

Oh, and it's an idea for a programming language @Programmer567

CodingRedpanda (179)

I'll share the doc links below these comments @Programmer567