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My first repl
EliasTheGreat (45)

This is the first repl that I made on my own. Hope you enjoy it for the short amount of time it takes to complete.

FlaminHotValdez (442)

good concept, this is a classic first repl tho lol

SilvermoonCat (430)

@EliasTheGreat Nice first repl! I suggest that you add clear functions, such as
import os
that way the whole screen is cleaner.

FlaminHotValdez (442)

You... have a fleet of what looks like classmates.

EliasTheGreat (45)

yes this was based on something else but I still think it's pretty good for a project that I had no past experience, here is the original

CrazyVideoGamez (7)

The noOneReadsThese var is not defined, as it was defined in the other elif statement, so there is no way you get the right ending without getting an error, or the game ending

EliasTheGreat (45)

@CrazyVideoGamez Oh I didn't notice, I corrected that now, so thanks for pointing it out thanks

ReyesP (24)

Pretty good for a first repl. My 1st was this but different topics, different characters, et cetera.

PowerCoder (734)

Very organized and well thought out.

TheCheeseCoder (64)

cool! its good for a first repl. Next time, you can also add colors with termcolor or colorit (python modules)

headiscoding (945)

Wow! Nice job for your first ever project. Keep up the work.

JBloves27 (1725)

Nice job for a first repl! :D

DillanBowman (13)

nice, but next time you may want to add elif statements and change the else statements to something else
edit btw nice game i got all 8 endings

CrazyVideoGamez (7)

Also, make it so you can't say random things.

EliasTheGreat (45)

@CrazyVideoGamez I don't know how to make it so that you can't say random things so I just put "else" to the answer that kills you so that if you write something random you just get a game over

Dunce (50)

@EliasTheGreat to make it so you can't say random things you can put the input command in a while loop and make it so "else" prints something like "invalid input"

xJustPeachyx (0)

this is really good!