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My first programming language
Thehappysquid (52)

About 1 year ago, I tried to enter a input-output project to the replit Language Jam. I was informed that this is not how programming languages work. Recently, I got motivated to work on programming languages again, and watched A TON of tutorials on youtube. Without further ado, here is 1763A, my first programming language.

Things you can do:
Declare variables
Basic Math
Display strings

How to declare variables: state your variable name and then type an equals sign with your variable data and press enter.
How to perform basic math: State the first number, the the operator (+, -, *) (I implemented division, but it is broken for some reason) and the second number and press enter.
How to display strings: Declare a string variable and press enter. Then, type the variable name and press enter.

Credit to: howCode (Awesome tutorials!)

dObbOb11 (13)

Can you make it so that you can run files?

ZarmDev (47)

That's pretty good! You should add some kind of documentation but looking at the code I guess you can tell what to do:
'NAME "=" expr'
expr "-" expr
Nicely done.

Thehappysquid (52)

@ZarmDev Thanks so much! I will add some documentation!!! :)