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My first Website
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Dive into HTML
We’ll leave its design largely up to you, subject only to the following requirements:
i) Your website's main page should live in index.html, since most web servers serve up index.html by default, in the absence of an explicit file name in a URL.
ii) Your website does NOT need to include another .html page, but if you want to create one, you can click "Add File" icon at the top of the embedded file browser to add a new file to your "repl".
iii) Your website must include at least one image. Note that the embedded file browser also has a mechanism for uploading files from your computer, though you may also use images already on the internet.
iv) Your website must be stylized with at least several CSS properties, which must live in styles.css (an "external stylesheet"). Your CSS needs to ultimately end up connected to your HTML, as well. Be sure to review lecture for ideas, if you forget how to do this!
v) Your website should be more complex than those from class (but much less complex than Harvard's home page!). As such, your website should probably use a few dozen HTML tags overall, plus several CSS properties.

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did you get marks for this , i mean did you pass?

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Good example for beginners, thanks! I am also amazed how cool is reply website that you can write your html code and run it online on th website. It is so cool and I never saw anything like that before. I am currently learning html and design creation for beauty salons which you can read here. I always take example from that website as it inspires me all the time. Hope I will learn more of the html and css soon and will create a perfect website.