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My Simple Java Command Line

Hi, one of my recent projects is an operating system. I first had the idea of trying to make an OS like Linux. Since I had no knowledge of JavaFX. I made a command line. The only commands are, joke, cls, and something else. There is a secret command. Look at the code to find out. I got some help from @SixBeeps with the code parts that contain command.equals(). (Turns out Strings aren't primitive types).

EpicGamer007 (1726)

This is pretty good :) but every time, even when I input a command that BLABBERCI 1.0 Revision 1 has, it still says "Sorry this is not a command in the command library". But still good job. Maybe you could add more features


Sorry, sometimes MelnykOS glitches out, the error was a beta feature.


I fixed it (I removed the else). In the future I might completely redesign the command reading system.