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My RPG Game made in lua (Luagame)
Altarias (42)

Creative title, Bad code conventions but still a playable build of the project.
It was corrupted 2 times because of weird bugs with the git integration.
I am still pretty proud.

amasad (3353)

The git bugs are bugs? What exactly happened?

Altarias (42)

@amasad I am actually unsure if they are even bugs, maybe I just switched branches without committing and pushing because I forgot. I actually have no clue how/what happened there. Thanks for the attempted support anyways.

BenWood (1)

Once you hit 0 MP, you can't do anything to recover MP (if I attempt to do Magic to select Focus, I am forced to attack with a weapon instead!).

Can this be fixed? ^_^

Altarias (42)

@BenWood Yes it can. Didn't notice that because I didn't check the battle function a lot. Thanks for reporting it.
Edit: It should be fixed now.

epicman702 (481)

Man this is SO AWESOME!

Nafis004 (2)

is so trash man u need to do better,

jk is reeallly good lm f a o

Altarias (42)

@Nafis004 No, You are right, I need to refactor it a bit.


ooo, exit menu looks really nice

sycrepl (10)

Sir, when you get a game over screen your health doesn't reset. When I start a new game, I start with negative HP in fights. Can't play the game a second time.

Altarias (42)

@sycrepl Oh yes, Thank you for reporting this issue. I will fix it when I have the time to do it.

AScantzos (0)

It's RNG, Gamer.

Altarias (42)

@AScantzos Now would you look at that. What does every RPG Game have? Exactly, RNGs. Thank you for posting here anyays.

LiamDonohue (290)

Hi. I am working on something like this. is it ok if i use this as inspiration?

Altarias (42)

@LiamDonohue Yes, but please just use it as inspiration, don't just copy and paste the code somewhere. Thanks.

Dart (1185)

This is great! I love it :3