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My Portfolio Site
ShaheenUmair (6)

Here's a portfolio site template I worked on. I hope you like it.

Here's a direct link to my site:

HUGE Thanks to @lilykhan for the template. It helped me get started.

~ Umair S.

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  1. this is a free template provided by @lilykhan (
  2. i dont think you're allowed to have a youtube channel until you're 13 lmao.
s9a3co8anPv8eWq (2)

@lilykhan yw but the least you deserve is creds lmao

lilykhan (928)

Hello Umair, It would be really nice if u'll give some credit. I really worked so hard on it :D

ShaheenUmair (6)

@lilykhan yes, I'll do that! Sorry about not putting it.

ch1ck3n (2027)

Nice but the card at the end says "type here" i think you should remove it

ShaheenUmair (6)

Yeah, I know, just tryna work things out! @ch1ck3n