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My Pokemon Game
SreeramTheBest (12)

This my Pokemon game where you can roam the wilderness or search the seas for pokemon and catch them if you want, you can battle gyms and compete in the Pokemon League as well. This game was primarily based off of Pokemon Origins. It took me about a month to make this game and I hope you guys like it. Have Fun!

PS: The game starts to glitch after a while so I suggest to open the link in a new tab and completely expand the run window to stop glitching.

ColinKirsch (0)

add the rest of the pokemon from all regions, add the other regions and gyms, so you can have the full pokemon journey, also add shinys too, and make a way to save progress because i defeated 3 gyms had my starter evolved once had 2 others evolved and was working on others when the console lost connection. also make a way to run from gym battles and to go back when you are to reorder your pokemon. other then that. it is good. i alsoo forked it so i dont have to look for it. if that all happens then it will be good. also sorry for the long comment.

NoelB33 (344)

This is really cool but you can infinitely throw poke balls without the enemy attacking

TheDrone7 (1775)

I'd suggest delaying the messages a little more. They're sent too quickly to be read.
TBH, I would recommend creating a function that delays the print depending on how long the message is.