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My Pokemon Game (WIP)
alexeboy (33)

A pokemon game, its in very early development, but I would like feedback!

ChristianDupont (6)

I died in this. is it a nuzlocke?

hsleon (0)

you only win when you die

blossomstar (0)

I got what I think is a glitch where my rival was at -5 health and could still attack me? idk if its a glitch or just something that happens, but either way it was super cool!

cappucher (0)

it said, you lose! you win!

coder7707 (14)

when i do 6 damage and my opponent is at 3 hp it says he is at -3 (that is true) but I would recommend it just says "you win" or "Pokemon is at 0 health you win"

hope this helps

alexeboy (33)

@coder7707: Thanks for the feedback! I’m working on a part of the game after the first battle. So there will be something when you or your opponent reach 0 health. Stay tuned!

MetaMan (33)

Its cool but i would recommend using a while loop to keep the battle going until either the starter or opponent faints. Keep up the cool work! :)