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My Pokemon Game (WIP)
alexeboy (32)

A very simple pokemon game, its a work in progress, but feedback would be great! (BTW I know that i have this on the repls section but I think its better here)

BD103 (139)

When you battle, if the health of the other Pokémon goes below zero, it doesn’t end the battle. Make it so if oppHealth <= 0: so on and so forth.

ryanw830 (7)

why can my opponent have -17 health while I die at 0???
also, when it said I lost, it said I won right after that


It's nice just you could add some color @alexboy. Other than that it's pretty nice

druceb (14)

It doesnt work, mine is vastly superior

AndrewJohnson3 (0)

the game doesn't end if you kill the other pokemon

JoshuaS3 (8)

your rival can have negative health

alexeboy (32)

@joshuas3: I know about this bug, and I'm trying to fix it. It does end if you lose all of your health though. If you know how to fix it let me know.

chauliodus (0)

doesnt have an end and also it doesnt say that growl or tail whip reduces anything