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My Introduction To Repl
vys (15)

Hey everybody, my name is Caleb, or "vys". I'm a 16 year old web-developer, video editor, clothing line creator, and video-game-cheat developer. I originally only came to repl for school purposes, but then I later realized how cool this website truly is. So I decided to commit to it, and go all in with programming. So here I am! I'd like to show you guys what I do, and what I've been doing here on repl! First of all, I own a clothing brand called "ENVY". Established somewhere in between August - November of 2020. I have a passion for creating things, so putting my designs on clothing appealed to me. As mentioned above, I'm also a video editor (and a bunch of other things, but we'll get into those shortly.) I edit montages, or what I like to refer to them as, "edits". Clients can email me, dm me, or even hit me up in person, and I'd make them an edit. I've been doing that for around 2 years on pc, and I think another 2 years on mobile. (i know, pretty crazy, huh?) Now let's get into the goodies! PROGRAMMINGGG!!!

My web-development/programming journey actually hasn't been that long. I started learning html 4-5 ish years ago, but I quit because I wasn't getting anywhere. But in my sophomore year of highschool (this year) I took a computer science class and we just so happened to be working on Markup first. (I had some prior experience with html beforehand, but the class just polished my so-called "skills". We're currently doing python, so that's cool. You can see all of my python assignments displayed all over my profile in so many different forms. Some are finished, and some just give you errors when you run them. Although my class mainly works on python, I like to use my time on markup. I really love working with HTML and CSS. I started doing css literally a couple of weeks ago. You can track my progress on my repl profile.

Here are some projects I've worked on...
Nexium | My CS:GO Cheat This was my very first try even touching CSS. It has some minor flaws like scaling and responsiveness on the weirder platforms, like ChromeOS, and sometimes on mobile. I don't really know how to fix it, but i'll figure it out eventually.
My second ever time making a website with css, is this. It's the replacement for the website shown above. (I made these sites 2 ish weeks apart.) So to go from basic hover effects, to a fully-fledged website is insane. And i'm really glad i'm learning so fast! You can see the source code of both sites here

(It should be in the box below, idk tho. I'm not too familiar with these types of posts.)

So yeah! If you guys have any questions about what I do, please do not hesitate to drop a comment below, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. I'll be watching my notifications like a hawk.