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My Hangman game
ChrisHill (19)

Nothing too interesting about this one. Its a simple hangman game I made a few months back.

CodePython2 (14)

with hangman you guess letters and then you can guess the word. This is hard and not fun. Graphics are nice though

ChrisHill (19)

@CodePython2 I agree it's not very fun and a bit hard, but not sure what you're trying to say about the guessing letters and then Guess the word... You guess the letters in this game. If you know the word you can type each letter in...

ChrisHill (19)

@CodePython2 never mind I see what you're saying... Your supposed to just type a letter not guess the word I think there is a bug in some word or something I will check it out a bit later.

ChrisHill (19)

@CodePython2 I figured out what my issue was. Might be different for you. Make sure the letter you type in is in lower case or it won't work right now. (will change it later) I just tested it on android and I couldn't figure out why no letters were working but it was because my android keyboard always capitalizes the first letter of a sentence.