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My Experiments with SocketIO
VihaanM1 (3)

I have been working on a multiplayer online game to get a handle on Socket Programming. UNO seemed to be a fun game to build.
V 1.0:
I built the game's functional flow only with numbered cards.

Current Version:
UI/UX was improved, integrated it with my previously built chat app, added special cards.

Please try it out with friends and family. Please share your valuable feedback.

P.S: Here is a more scalable deployment:

codingjlu (481)

Woah, this is amazing!!

VihaanM1 (3)

@codingjlu Thanks a lot! Have fun playing!

codingjlu (481)

@VihaanM1 and you made this all by yourself?!

VihaanM1 (3)

@codingjlu Most of it, though it took around 2.5 months to complete it. I also took help of few tutorials for CSS.

ruiwenge2 (1135)

awesome! great job on this! 👍

VihaanM1 (3)

@ruiwenge2 Thanks a ton!
Have fun playing the game( I recommend using the heroku version though- its much faster)

MocaCDeveloper (713)

I've never had much luck with Socket programming in Python on Repl. Nor have I ever been all that great at working with Flask.

This deserves more attention than it's getting. You did amazing on this. Good job!

Also, how did you get Socket IO Python programming to work on Repl?

VihaanM1 (3)

@MocaCDeveloper Thank you so much for the appreciation!
As for the socket programming, I had first developed the whole game on localhost and the just copied the code onto replit. One problem I had faced earlier in one of my previous apps was that the client couldn't connect to the server socket. But everything worked fine when I updated the versions of various packages in requirements.txt (flask, flask-socketio, engineio etc.) as there was some version compatibility issue.
Enjoy playing the game!(I'd suggest using the heroku version-its much faster)